DJ Controllers


Musysic offers a variety of great DJ Controllers with all kinds of functionality. Our latest MU-CDM8 DJ Controller allows you to mix music from CDs, USB, and through a MIDI connection when paired with a computer and included DJ Software. It also has receiving Bluetooth connectivity which is a pretty rare option in boards like this. All of our Controllers have a very intuitive design. Our control touch pads provide easy access to functions including: Cue Positioning, A programmable Sampler for sound effects, Looping Control, and a Slicer. All of Musysic controllers come with 3 RCA and a Stereo XLR output connections. Our 4-Channel MU-MIDI9 and 2-Channel MU-MIDI8 models provide a ton functions in a board with a small footprint making it very convenient to move and carry. Musysic’s larger AI02 mixer is a very beautifully designed board allowing for mixing with CD, USB, and from a computer. When engaged, it has vibrant color display around the jog wheels. It also comes with it’s very own protective carrying case, which is fitted perfectly to the boards dimensions giving access to all connections without having to remove the board.



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