4 Channel Professional VHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System MU-V4H

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4-Channel Professional VHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System

Very high-quality Professional VHF microphone system


One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty in the USA

The MUSYSIC MU-V4H is for very high-quality professional and reliable 4 channel VHF wireless handheld microphone systems. It uses the most advanced technology called SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) and is made of the highest quality surface-mounted components to ensure its quality and reliability. The MUSYSIC MU-V4H Quad 4-Channel VHF Wireless  Microphone System is a cost-effective, multi-microphone solution that supports the simultaneous operation of up to 4 wireless microphones. The MU-V4H Quad receiver features 4 discrete audio channels with level control and a 1/4" output per channel. Adjust microphone level separately using the level controls on the front panel. This system includes 4 dynamic handheld transmitters with on/off/standby switches. The MUSYSIC MU-V4H Quad is ideal for restaurants, bars, schools, presentations, small performances, houses of worship, professional performance, or home karaoke, and more.



  • 4 Channel Receiver with 4 handheld Microphones     
  • Individual volume controls on each Channel
  • 1/4" audio unbalanced output
  • 19" Rack Mountable
  • Range 120 feet (40 Meters)
  • AA Battery Handheld
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • Operating frequency: 170-250 MHz
  • Frequency Stability: ±30PPm
  • Modulation Mode: FM
  • Maximum Deviation Range: ±80KHz
  • Operating Range: 40m (120 feet)
  • Temperature Range: 41f – 113f
  • Frequency     Response: 40 - 18000 Hz 


    • Received Sensitivity: -85dBm         
    • Power Supply: DC 9V-12V        
    • Audio output impedance: 600Ohms ±10% Unbalanced        
    • Audio output level: 0 - 0.7 V r.m.s        
    • De-Emphasis: 50uS        
    • Body Material: Metal 
    • Dimensions:  19”×8.67”×1.77”   
    • Weight: 1969g            


    • RF Output: 10 mW            
    • Power Supply: 1.5V AA X 2 Battery            
    • Microphone: Dynamic microphone        
    • Pre-Emphasis: 50uS        
    • Dimensions: 1.3” X 10.6”             
    • Weight: 225g                

    Package includes:

    • 1pc 4 channel VHF receiver
    • 4pcs Handheld Microphones
    • 1pc 1/4" Audio cable
    • 1pc 110V-240V universal power supply


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