2000W Active 15" Base Subwoofer speaker & 2x10" Speakers MU-15B10S

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Professional 2000 Watts  Active/Powered 15" Base Subwoofer with two 10" Satellite Speaker



One Year Manufacturer Warranty in USA

This is  one of the most popular powered Subwoofer and satellite speaker set concepts on  the market right now. Its physical design makes getting your power and speakers  to and from your event easier than ever. The sound system consists of two 10  two-way speakers and a 15" subwoofer as well as a built-in 2000-watt power  amplifier. It is ideal for many different kinds of live presentations including  DJ shows, bands, worship services, school functions and any other environment  where clarity and volume are key.

The MUSYSIC MU-15B10S brings clarity, power and performance you can hear and  feel and is the perfect choice for any portable PA application requiring  reliable and outstanding sound quality. The MUSYSIC MU-15B10S was designed using  advanced acoustic and audio techniques with premium components, comprehensive  protection circuitry, and robust construction to provide years of consistent,  reliable performance.

Powering this beast is a proprietary 2000 watts amplifier drives the heavy duty  15" subwoofer, and two full range satellite speakers. Each satellite features a  10" loudspeaker and compression driver which work in unison to produce accurate  midrange and a detailed top end. An elliptical horn provides excellent coverage,  on and off axis.



  • Equipped with 15" Plastic Subwoofer Base with 2x10"  Plastic Passive Speakers

  • 15” woofer with 3.0” voice coil and 60oz magnet

  • 2x10” woofer with 1.5” voice coil and 30oz magnet

  • 2000 watts Peak, 500 watts RMS from built-in amplifier

  • Bass, Treble and Volume control

  • Aux in/out with R/L

  • Mic and Line input

  • Covers angles of 100 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees  vertical

  • ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet

  • Flyable and stand mounted


  • 1pc Powered/Active 15" Subwoofer Speaker
  • 2pcs Passive 10" Speakers
  • 2pcs 20ft Speakon to Speakon Speaker cables
  • 2pcs Speaker Stand


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