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KN95 Protective Face Mask CE certified | G B2626-2006 3D Stereo Face Mask 


***BRAND NEW ***

Very high quality 3D Stereo Face Mask "4-Layers"

KN95 - GB 2626-2006

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Listing is for 10pcs KN95 Face Masks

Product Description:

Our KN95 disposable masks are made of a good quality comfortable material, covering the mouth and nose, which prevent droplets from escaping while allowing clean air flow through. The mask is designed to protect from airborne particles and contamination. These masks are not intended for medical use or as a replacement for gas masks. 

The KN95 mask has 4 Layers that filter at least 95 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. 

Our KN95 masks are lightweight and provide comfortable protection. Our folding design allows for the mask to cup your face and secure it in place with an adjustable aluminum clip positioned over the bridge of your nose. This allows for custom adjustments making the masks suitable for different face shapes. 

  • The tip-shaped hanging ear design can prevent this dust-proof mask from slipping
  • Designed for comfortable protection.
  • Lightweight, humidity-resistant and latex-free
  • The elastic fabric completely fits the face, reusable with no peculiar smell.
  • The silicone adjustable nose clip is free to adjust providing user-defined sealing and preventing glasses from fogging.
  • Suitable for different face shapes of men and women.

Package contains:

10 pcs KN95 Face Mask

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