Complete Professional 4000W DJ System Dual CD MIDI BT 15" Speakers Wireless Mics DJ-CDM8-15BT2-V202H

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Complete Professional 4000 Watts DJ Speakers! 

* DJ MIDI Controller with Dual CD & USB Playback Console, Bluetooth

* 2pcs 15" (2x2000W) Power Speakers

* Dual Channel VHF wireless Handheld Microphone System

* Cables & Speaker Stands

One Year Manufacturer Warranty in USA

Complete system with CD/MP3/USB decks/Bluetooth, mixer, computer audio and MIDI interface

(MIDI integration of decks for controlling Virtual DJ LE software)

MU-CDM8 (DJ MIDI Controller with Dual CD , Dual USB Playback & Bluetooth Function Console):

In the peak of music business The MUSYSIC® MU-CDM8 all-in-one 2-channel DJ Controller including CD and USB Playback, Bluetooth provides you the most beneficial of both systems. MU-CDM8 all-in-one emphasizes industry-standard MIDI controller,  including 8 Soft touch pads and a built-in audio interface to empower you to DJ seamlessly with your computer. It’s gig-ready—everything you require to join with sound system is manufactured right in, including symmetrical XLR outs, 1/4" stable mic input moreover headphone output. Outputs are Cue, Brake, reverse and scratching are also standard matter characteristics on MU-CDM8 all-in-one, therefore every show is uniquely yours to design. The MU-CDM8 appears flawless with Virtual DJ LE Software for utilizing your digital music library and has two formulated in acknowledged CD decks with large scratch delicate platters that let you play using CDs or MP3 CDs. The MU-CDM8 USB, CD Player, DJ Software Controller has an embodied 2-channel mixer that lets you use USB flash drives and all of it gets jumbled in the corresponding place. Additionally, you can sync your receiver through Bluetooth to play harmony.


      • It has CD/MP3/USB decks, mixer, computer audio and MIDI interface
      • Perform with best Full DJ Control all-in-one Unit / Media Workstation
      • It has Dual CD Player to play
      • Detachable 2 USB Slots / USB Selection
      • It is Built-in MIDI Controller
      • The best feature is Bluetooth Function to sync your device
      • Well equipped with 8 rubber pads on each Channel
      • Very Adjustable vocal changer
      • Powerful Microphone input
      • It has MIDI integration of decks for controlling computer Virtual DJ software
      • Easily Play from CDs, MP3 CDs, USB flash drives, computers, and external inputs
      • It has Two-channel combination with EQ/rotary kills, replaceable crossfader, and external inputs
      • It has USB computer interface for software control and audio streaming
      • The Two turntable touch sensitive JOG wheels
      • Outputs are Brake, Reverse, and Scratch effects and seamless looping capability
      • Very Smooth, fast, slot-loading drives with large, touch-sensitive platters
      • In addition the latest version of Virtual DJ LE software for Mac/PC
      • It has 40 Seconds Anti-Shock
      • The MP3 Track Listing
      • It is Digital Scratching
      • Long 100mm Pitch Control With 4%, 8%, 16%/Large LCD Display ID3 with Blue Backlight
      • It is Direct Track Selection from 0 to 9 Buttons
      • Very best DSP (Reverse & Brake)
      • Sensitive Seamless Loop (Loop IN & Loop OUT)
      • Soft Rubber Touch Control Buttons
      • It has Soft Touch Rubber Knobs for Open/Close, Play/Pause, Stop & Cue
      • Powerful 3-Band EQ with Gain Control
      • It has Cue Function and Seamless Loop
      • Mixing of 2-Channel/4-Input USB Mixer +1 Microphone Input
      • Audionic Stereo RCA Line Outs
      • Best XLR Balanced Outputs
      • Different XLR and Jack 6.35 MIDI MIC Input
      • Best AUX Inputs for PHONO & LINE Level Devices
      • It has 100-240V AC Power Supply

Professional Portable Powered 4000W Stereo Bluetooth 15" Speakers (2pcs-Pair):

Musysic has The MU-15BT2 is most suitable for restaurants, meetinghouses, exhibition places and DJs, conducting with high-quality combos and portable players who want to join lining tracks into their live appearances. Not only prepares this ingenious woofer attempt a high-quality, cost-effective PA solution; it multiplies as a powerful media player, letting you determine the functionality that’s most suitable for your utilization.


    • It is 2-way experts/ bi-amplified speaker system
    • The best 15” woofer with 1.0” fabric compression driver  
    • Heavy 2000 watts PMPO, 500 watts RMS from built-in amplifier (Each Speaker)
    • Well brightened LED Light on the  front of the speaker with On/Off Button
    • It Accepts USB memory devices and SD cards for direct playback
    • The Two Speakers  can sync with one Bluetooth device
    • The Bluetooth and FM Radio Function
    • It has Player section includes controls for Play/Pause, Stop, Repeat and Track Skip
    • It is Dual microphone inputs (XLR & ¼” stereo) with separate gain control
    • It Controls: BASS, TREBLE, LEVEL, VOLUME
    • The best Covers angles of 100 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical
    • Suitable Linear frequency response: 55Hz - 18KHz
    • Highly Wide dispersion horn design
    • The longlasting ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet
    • It has Handle and wheels for easily moving
    • Flyable and stand mounted/115/230 voltage switchable and Size: 14.4” x 12.2 “ x 22.64”
    • The Weight: 42.4lbs

Professional Dual Channel VHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System:

The MUSYSIC MU-V202 is for very high-class specialist and strong double VHF wireless handheld microphone systems. It utilizes the numerous exceptional technology called SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) and is composed of the most distinguished feature outside mounted components to guarantee its excellence and authenticity. It’s perfect for expert production.


    • The best 2 Channel Receiver with 2 handheld Microphones
    • Everyone can controls on each Channel
    • Heavy 1/4" audio unbalanced output
    • Best Range 120 feet (40 Meters)
    • Unique AA Battery Handheld
    • Long Battery Life: 12 Hours

      Speaker Stand:

    • It has Heavy Duty Safety Pins
    • It has Lightweight Construction
    • It is Up to 200 lb. capacity
    • The best 1 3/8" Diameter ( 35mm )
    • The excellent 41" Fully Collapsed/76" Fully Extended/ Weight: 8 lbs Each


    • 25 ft long cable/XLR Male to XLR Female Connection/16 Gauge

    What is in the Package:

    • Most specialized 1pc MUSYSIC MU-CDM8 (DJ MIDI Controller with CD & USB Playback, Bluetooth function Console)
    • advanced 2pcs MUSYSIC MU-15BT2 15" Power Speakers
    • latest 1pc MUSYSIC MU-V202H Dual Channel VHF Handheld Mic System
    • unique 2pcs MUSYSIC MU-S1 Speaker Stands
    • multifunctional 2pcs MUSYSIC MU-C25XLR 25ft Speaker XLR Cables




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