MUSYSIC Speakon 4-Pole to 1/4" TS Female Adapter Converter Jack Connector 4-Pack

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Speakon 4-Pole Male to 1/4" TS Female (Mono) Adapter

MUSYSIC introduce the new design in professional Adapter converter. Now keep your 1/4' Cables if your Speaker/Amplifier have Speakon connection. This clever adapter lets you connect to any power amp or speaker cabinet that has a Speakon jack, without cutting off the ends of your 1/4" cables to rewire them. Simply slip the 1/4" end onto your speaker cable and the Speakon (4-pole) end can be plugged into the amp or cabinet. Adapts from this adapter to 1/4" 2-pole jack, wiring: +1 to TIP and -1 to SLEEVE. The improved design is more rugged and the rated current has been increased to 20A. 

What you will get:

  • Speakon 4-Pole Male to 1/4" TS Female (Mono)
  • Locking Type
  • Package included: Adapter 4pc


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