Professional 2000W Power DJ PA Bluetooth 15" Speaker MU-15BT2

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Professional Portable 2000W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Two Speaker Link Wirelessly (no need to connect with wire) - if you buy two Speakers

Listing is for one speaker

2000 Watts Peak / 500 Watts RMS

LED  Light on the front of the Speaker (On/Off Button for light)


Listing is for one speaker

Very high quality Professional Power Active Speaker

with Crystal Clear Sound quality & Ultra low Noise Amplifier


  • Take your  favorite music movies TV shows or games to the next level with the MUSYSIC  MU-15BT2 Portable Stereo Bluetooth speakers. This portable Bluetooth speakers pair outputs immersive stereo sound without any wires or cables between each speaker. These compact speakers were designed to provide mind-blowing power and  performance to any Party hall or area. And when it’s time to take the party  outside the rugged design is well-equipped to handle any gathering or event.

  • Two Speaker  sync with one Bluetooth Device like phone, ipod, ipad, laptop or any bluetooth  device. (If you buy two speakers)

  • Stereo  Bluetooth speakers without the wires  (If you buy two speakers)

  • Stream via  Bluetooth or use the rear 3.5mm, RCA or XLR input for stereo or mono playback.  Unlike other stereo speakers there’s no need for an interconnect cable or wire  between each speaker. Use one or both speakers inside or outside your hall  without the restrictions of a transmitter or wired cable connection.

  • Combining clean, reliable power and impeccable audio quality with the added functionality of Bluetooth, USB and SD media player, Musysic’s MU-15BT2 lets you play music and sound files directly from an SD card or USB memory device and through Bluetooth function. And for convenient, intuitive control over your tracks, the speaker also boasts a player section that allows you to easily navigate through songs contained on your storage devices and memory cards. 

  • Be the life of  the party with 2000W PMPO of uninhibited power from each speaker. While other  powered speakers distort at high levels MUSYSIC MU-15BT2 Bluetooth speakers  provide clean undistorted audio at any volume. Make a statement by being heard  loud and clear. This active bi-amped loudspeaker boasts a beefy 15-inch woofer with a 3.0" voice coil for strong, rich lows and low-mids. The enclosure also houses a 1" fabric high frequency compression driver that delivers crisp, lucid highs, which cut without sounding shrill or piercing.

  • The speaker’s player section features Bluetooth, an SD card slot and a USB port, allowing you to connect a memory card or portable storage device and play songs directly from it. There are even controls for Play/Pause, Stop, Repeat and Track Skip, enabling you to locate your desired track quickly and play it with ease.

  • The MU-15BT2 also features bass and treble tone control, so you can match your sound to the acoustics of the performance space. And to ensure reliable, optimal performance, a Clip LED illuminates if the speaker system is overloading. 

  • The MU-15BT2 is ideal for bars, clubs, performance spaces and DJs, along with gigging bands and mobile musicians who want to incorporate backing tracks into their live performances. Not only does this versatile loudspeaker offer a high-quality, cost-effective PA solution; it doubles as a powerful media player, letting you choose the functionality that’s most appropriate for your application.


  • 2-way Professional bi-amplified speaker system

  • 15” woofer with 1.0” fabric compression driver  

  • 2000 watts PMPO, 500 watts RMS from built-in amplifier

  • LED Light on the  front of the speaker with On/Off Button

  • Accepts USB memory devices and SD cards for direct playback

  • Two Speakers can sync with one Bluetooth device  (If you buy two speakers)

  • Bluetooth and FM Radio Function

  • Player section includes controls for Play/Pause, Stop, Repeat and Track Skip

  • Dual microphone inputs (XLR & ¼” stereo) with separate gain control


  • Covers angles of 100 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical

  • Linear frequency response: 55Hz - 18KHz

  • Wide dispersion horn design

  • ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet

  • Handle and wheels for easily moving

  • Flyable and stand mounted

  • 115/230 voltage switchable

  • Size: 14.4” x 12.2 “ x 22.64”

  • Weight: 42.4lbs


What's in the Package:

  • MUSYSIC  MU-15BT2 Bluetooth Speaker (One Speaker)

  • Power Cords  



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