4-Channel UHF Diversity Wireless Conference meeting Mic System (4x40) MU-UDX4-MM

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Professional 4-Channel UHF Diversity Wireless Conference Meeting Microphone System

4x40 Adjustable Frequencies

Very high quality Professional UHF Diversity Wireless microphone system


One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty in USA

The MUSYSIC's MU-UDX4 UHF diversity multiple Frequencies (Adjustable Frequencies) wireless conference microphone microphone system delivers superior sound quality and professional features. Products with less noise interference UHF design, the perfect anti-noise interference characteristics, any similar systems are unmatched. Full metal material standard chassis, 1U metal panel configuration four-channel receiver, assembled LCD display screen, show the working channel, the operating frequency. Fully, quickly and easily understand all the action message receiver. The hosts were balanced audio output jack, and the mixed unbalanced outputs, fully adapt to a variety of connectivity needs.It is designed for a wide range professional application with 160 selectable channels (4x40 adjustable frequencies), automatic frequency scanning, true diversity operation, Tone Lock squelch circuit, automatic transmitter setup. It's the perfect for professional use at any events. 


  • Backlit LCD display showing RF level, AF level, Channel Frequency.
  • 4x40 Selectable frequencies on each channel, multiple units can be used simultaneously
  • Diversity operation for increased range/reliability, reducing dropouts.
  • Built-In Tone Lock Squelch circuit protection from RF interference
  • Automatic frequency scanning to find and set the best available channel
  • Automatic transmitter setup, the channel of the transmitter and receiver can easily synchronize
  • 4 channel receiver, All microphones can be used at the same time
  • Four XLR individual outputs and one 1/4" Mixed output
  • Individual volume control on each channel
  • Frequency: UHF 620MHz - 690MHz ( Comply with FCC new frequency rules )
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours ( AA batteries )
  • Range: Up to 300 feet ( 100 meters )
  • Rack mountable, Fits 19" rack



  • Operating Frequency: 620 - 690 MHz
  • Number of Channels: 160 
  • Frequency Stability: ±30PPm
  • Modulation Mode: FM
  • Maximum Deviation Range: ±80KHz
  • Operating Range: 100m (300 feet)
  • Temperature Range : 41f – 113f
  • Frequency Response: 40 - 20000 Hz


  • Receiving System: Diversity
  • Received Sensitivity: -105dBm
  • Power Supply:  DC 12V
  • Audio output impedance: 600Ohms ±10% Unbalanced
  • Audio output level: 0 - 0.7 V r.m.s
  • De-Emphasis: 50uS
  • Dimensions: 19”×8.67”×1.77”
  • Weight: 1500 g


  •   Receiving sensitivity (Sensitivity): -105dBm
  • Signal to noise ratio (S / N Ratio):> 90dB
  • Distortion (T.H.D): <0.05% dB @ 1KHz
  • Effective working distance (Working sistance): ≥100 meters
  • Session number of channels (Frequency channels): 4 * 40
  • Power (Power): 6.5W
  • RF Output: 10 mW
  •   Dimensions: 1.5” X 9.5”
  •   Weight: 350 g

Package includes:

  •  1pc LED Digital Wireelss Receiver
  • 4pcs Wireless Table Transmitter
  • 4pcs Gooseneck Microphone
  • 4pcs Antennas
  • 1pc 1/4" (6.5mm) Audio Cable
  • 1pc AC universal power supply


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